Will the aluminum foil bag produce toxins when heated?

Aluminum foil is a high-grade printing and packaging material, which has the advantages of good isolation, air tightness, water vapor, and resistance to bacteria and insects. Aluminum foil bags are widely used in food and tea packaging. Is there such a question in life, can aluminum foil bags be heated? Is it poisonous at high temperatures?
Can the aluminum foil bag be heated?
We often heat the milk packed in aluminum foil bags. In fact, this is possible. Its high temperature resistance can reach 120 degrees.
We heat it in water up to 100 degrees. Therefore, the milk does not directly contact the aluminum foil, so it is safe.
Aluminum foil bags are non-toxic at high temperatures.

1. Excessive accumulation of aluminum in the human body will damage human brain cells and reduce memory.This poisoning process is difficult to detect and takes time. However, the melting point of aluminum is 660 degrees, so the risk of analysis in barbecue is small.

2. Aluminum foil can not only transfer heat, but also prevent meat from directly contacting the flame. It is equivalent to wearing fire-proof clothes to reduce the chance of burning.

aluminum foil bag
Will the aluminum foil bag produce toxins when heated? 2

In addition, wrapping food with aluminum foil can prevent water loss, especially meat. It tastes soft after cooking, and it can also prevent baked food from sticking to the baking plate.
Aluminum foil, also known as tinfoil in Hong Kong, is a thin sheet with a thickness of less than 0.2mm processed by an aluminum foil mill.
It is mainly used for cooking, loading food or making simple and clean materials in the kitchen.
Thousands of tons of aluminum foil paper are used around the world as protection and packaging of food, cosmetics and chemical products.
How many degrees can the aluminum foil bag withstand?
The maximum temperature that the aluminum foil bag can withstand depends on the contents and inner material of the bag.
Generally, the aluminum foil can withstand 270 degrees. Therefore, under normal circumstances, there is no problem heating ordinary food or milk.
Precautions for heating aluminum foil bag:
1. Aluminum foil has high surface cleanliness, no oil and dust, and high surface tension, which should be more than 72Mn / m.
The simple method is to check with distilled water, which should be fully soaked on the surface of aluminum foil.
The oil stain on the surface of aluminum foil will seriously affect the composite fastness of aluminum foil and other materials, especially the delamination and peeling of packaging bags after high-temperature cooking.
 2. The number of pinholes in aluminum foil is small.
Aluminum foil should be the most barrier material, but if it has pinholes, its barrier will be greatly reduced, gas and light will quickly penetrate directly, and the contents will soon deteriorate.
Generally speaking, the thicker the aluminum foil, the less the number of pinholes.
For example, 7μ For m-thick aluminum foil, the number of pinholes must be less than 200 holes / m2: 9μ For m-thick aluminum foil, the number of pinholes must be less than 100 holes / m2.
No matter how thick the aluminum foil is, the aperture of the pinhole shall not exceed 20μ m。
3. The texture of aluminum foil should be soft, folding is not easy to break, and good toughness is required.
The purchased aluminum foil should be stored in a dry state, and should not be placed for too long. It should be used as soon as possible to prevent moisture absorption, oxidation and deterioration of aluminum foil.

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