Why do more famous brand packaging handbags begin to use kraft paper stand up pouch

I believe we should know that when we went to famous brand shopping malls to buy clothes, trousers and shoes a few years ago, the handbags taken away by the shopping guide for packaging are basically plastic, but in recent years, we suddenly found that many famous brand shoe and clothing shopping malls began to use kraft paper stand up pouch. What’s the matter.
Kraft paper bag, as a new environmental protection material, has the advantages of easy decomposition and recycling.
As an international enterprise, choosing kraft paper stand up pouch is also to comply with the trend of social environmental protection.

stand up pouch

Kraft paper bags are cheaper than other paper bags (such as white card paper bags, black card paper bags and special paper bags). As an enterprise with a fast fashion brand, the maximum cost control has always been a priority.
On the contrary, in the luxury industry, there are paper bags with complex processes that make you dizzy. These processes can not be realized with kraft paper stand up pouch.
This is why I think Zara uses kraft paper stand up pouch. In fact, we also see that more and more domestic enterprises are also using kraft paper stand up pouch, such as Anta, Li Ning and so on.
On the one hand, kraft paper handbags respond to the call of environmental protection. On the other hand, it is also considered for customers. Compared with plastic handbags, kraft paper stand up pouch have significantly better quality and more times of recycling.

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