Why are gusset bag becoming more and more popular?

The high molecular polymer (or synthetic resin) of gusset bag is the main component of plastics. In order to improve the properties of plastics, various auxiliary materials, such as fillers, plasticizers, lubricants, stabilizers, colorants, etc., should be added to the polymer to meet the requirements of plastics.
The gusset bag is generally made of synthetic resin, and the bottom is named after a square. It unfolds like a carton, has different length, width and height, and is “tailored” according to the different sizes of the products to be packed. Gusset bag generally has five sides, front and back, two sides and bottom.
The unique structure of the gusset bag determines the convenience of packaging three-dimensional goods or square products. This kind of bag not only considers the packaging significance of plastic bags, but also fully expands the new packaging concept, so it is now widely used in daily life and production.


gusset bag
Why are gusset bag becoming more and more popular? 2

Gusset bags are another embodiment of plastic bags. Novelty always attracts people’s attention. First, why are plastic square bottomed bags more and more popular?
Plastic gusset bag is not only practical but also beautiful. The important thing is that it is very convenient to carry, but also environmentally friendly, which is very in line with the current requirements of low-carbon life. The gusset bag is very strong and durable. It is printed with advanced machinery and equipment. Whether it is splicing or printing, the quality is better than that of ordinary plastic bags.
Printing gusset bag not only meets the requirements of environmental protection, but also is simple and convenient. The important thing is that it can print various company slogans and names, which can save a lot of publicity funds. So for the company group, the Indian bottom bag is really a good choice. In our daily life is very popular with consumers, it is not only cheap, but also rich and colorful, important is, very practical. Gusset bags can be used to pack large items, so many manufacturers will choose gusset bags.

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