Which are the top 3 snack pouches suppliers in China

The first snack pouches supplier is ZhongXin Packaging Co., Ltd
As snack pouches supplier, ZhongXin Packaging Co., Ltd, based in Jiangsu Province, has been providing effective packaging solutions to countries all around the world for more than 10 years.
As snack pouches supplier, we manufacture packaging materials of esteem and durable standards; we are known for carrying out the rotogravure method in our all printing processes.
As snack pouches supplier, All packaging material produced at pouch direct is produced with adapting the attitude of protecting the environment, thus producing biodegradable bags.
As a snack pouches supplier, We believe in offering excellent services and building long-lasting relationships. Packaging material produced at pouch direct is product safe and can be used to package commodities of various forms, ranging from; coffee beans, powders and so on.
We ensure that packaging is flexible, thus strengthening the ease of distribution.
We provide pouches and rolls that are cost-effective, making the production of packaging feasible for even start-up businesses.
The second snack pouches supplier is Zhou’s packaging company
Zhou’s packaging company has successively passed QS certification, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and CE certification. Its production capacity and after-sales service have been recognized by users and the industry.
As snack pouches supplier, the company has a strong technical team and an experienced production team.
It produces in strict accordance with national and industrial standards, and has full-time quality inspectors to conduct sampling inspection on various production processes and finished products, to ensure the scientificity and effectiveness of production, reduce the defective rate of products and prevent defective products from leaving the factory.
As snack pouches supplier, Zhou’s company is a production-oriented enterprise specializing in the production of plastic packaging such as HDPE, LDPE, OPP, CPP and EPE.
The company has domestic advanced film blowing unit, high-precision ten color printing unit, advanced composite unit, Sino US joint venture computer servo bag making unit, slitting machine, folding machine and forming unit.
The company’s main products include gift bags, clothing bags, environmental protection bags, mail bags, handbags, food bags, express bags, vest bags, special-shaped bags, toilet paper bags, film rolls, composite bags, frozen bags, etc., which can meet the needs of clothing, food, electronic information, supermarkets, express and other industries.
The third snack pouches supplier is Huashida Packaging Co., Ltd.
As snack pouches supplier, Huashida Packaging Co., Ltd. is a large-scale manufacturer of plastic packaging materials.
As snack pouches supplier, the company mainly produces and sells blow molding and film products. With exquisite manufacturing technology, the company pushes the market to start from the low end.
Build the company’s brand with the innovative business philosophy of refinement, refinement and specialization.
The company regards products as a commitment and a responsibility, scrupulously abides by the entrepreneurial spirit of preciseness, innovation, learning and struggle, and wins customer trust and cooperation with excellent quality, reasonable price and honest service.
The products produced by the company are mainly widely used in food and medical machinery industries.
The products include: high transparent PE bags, transparent self sealing bags, food packaging composite bags, roll films, beverage bottle labels, bottle labels, water boiling resistant bags, aluminum foil bags, laundry liquid self-supporting bags, standing pot mouth bags, etc.

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Which are the top 3 snack pouches suppliers in China 2

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