What factors will affect the performance of vacuum seal mylar bags?

If the vacuum packaging performance fails, it will have a certain impact on the shelf life of food. What factors will affect the performance of vacuum seal mylar bags?
1. Temperature
Plastics are susceptible to high temperatures. Similarly, vacuum packaging bags are greatly affected by temperature.
Therefore, remember not to place them where the sun can be directly exposed, because strong ultraviolet radiation will accelerate the aging of vacuum seal mylar bags.
Drastic temperature changes can make plastics very fragile. When we use vacuum packaging bags, we must try our best to avoid sudden heat and cold, to prevent the thermal expansion and cold contraction of vacuum packaging bags and shorten their service life.
2. Humidity
The humidity in the air will also have a certain impact on the properties of plastics.
Therefore, we must remember not to put the vacuum seal mylar bags in a humid and airless place, which may cause the packaging bag to rot.
Moreover, the moist air will make the bacteria on the packaging bag grow and reproduce, which will affect its use.

vacuum seal mylar bags

3. Duration
Any plastic has a shelf life, and vacuum seal mylar bags are no exception. For some vacuum packaging bags that have not been used for a long time, be sure to carefully check whether they have cracks, and then start using them.
4. Thickness
The thickness of vacuum seal mylar bags needs to be strictly controlled to improve the manufacturing quality of vacuum packaging bag. Its thickness mainly affects the following properties of vacuum bag:

  • Impact barrier: The thickness and uniformity of the vacuum seal mylar bags will affect the barrier of the bag body, and the uniform thickness can ensure the stability of the barrier.
  • Influence on tensile properties: The vacuum packing bag with moderate and uniform thickness has good tensile resistance and toughness contrast.
  • Impact on overprint quality: The thickness of vacuum seal mylar bags will affect the accuracy and quality of overprint during printing.
  • Influence on heat sealing: The heat seal with moderate thickness has good quality and will not produce poor heat seal.
  • The above is the analysis of the factors affecting the performance of vacuum seal mylar bags.

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