What are the key points of kraft paper bag making?

As an important way of product publicity and corporate image display, kraft paper bags help consumers identify enterprise product information and stimulate purchase desire, to improve product sales and enterprise brand awareness. So, what are the key points to pay attention to in the process of making kraft paper bags?
Kraft paper bags material
The most basic use of kraft paper bags is to hold or protect goods. When making, we must consider the selection of materials. 157G and 200g coated paper is generally used as the material of paper kraft paper bags.
If it needs to be used to load heavy articles, 300g coated paper or more than 300g cardboard can be selected for printing. On this basis, the strength can also be increased by covering film or sub film.

kraft paper bag
What are the key points of kraft paper bag making? 2

Product positioning of kraft paper bags
Product positioning includes brand positioning, consumer positioning and value positioning.
When designing a kraft paper bags, you can assume a target object and think about its values and aesthetic taste, so that the designed handbag can have a soul.
In addition, you can also find other brand kraft paper bags of the same grade, variety or value positioning for comparison, to find out your own positioning.
Kraft paper bags design style
The design style of the kraft paper bags includes the font, tone, picture, typesetting, etc.
Before the design, the designer should study several excellent works, establish and strengthen the separation points on the kraft paper bags, and endow the unique value proposition and soul of his products on the kraft paper bags.
Make a sample of the kraft paper bags
After comparing the effect drawing of the kraft paper bags from a distance and close view, it is not 100% accurate.
The most accurate thing is to make a sample, make an actual appearance, and constantly review and confirm it!

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