Three characteristics of sealable mylar bags for food

Self sealing bag is a kind of packing bag that can be automatically sealed by pressing, such as clip chain self sealing bag, bone blowing (concave convex bone) sealable mylar bags, etc. Clip chain self sealing bag (also called dense bag), including bone sticking bag, sealing bag, clip chain bag, keel bag, polyethylene, high pressure linear polyethylene, hot cutting machine bag and plastic bag. Common materials are PE, EVA, Po, multi-layer composite zipper bag, etc.
The sealable mylar bags can be used for inner and outer packaging of various small items (jewelry, hardware, toys). The self sealing bag made of food grade raw materials can store all kinds of snacks, tea, seafood, etc. The sealable mylar bags can prevent moisture, odor, water, insects and objects from scattering; The self sealing bag can also be used for the packaging of daily necessities such as clothing, etc. A self sealing bag can be produced by adding anti-static master batch in the production process of film blowing, which is generally used in the electronic industry.

Three characteristics of sealable mylar bags for food 2

Nowadays, sealable mylar bags are widely used in people’s lives, and the market is also expanding. It is precisely because of the growing demand for self sealing bags, more and more manufacturers produce self sealing bags, so what makes self sealing bags so popular in the market, and what are the performance characteristics of self sealing bags?
First, good sealing performance, good sealing effect of sealable mylar bags food packaging bag, which can preserve articles, avoid long-term moisture of food, and extend the shelf life of food.
Second, it is easy to use. The sealable mylar bags can be sealed without any equipment. It can be sealed by gently closing the bag mouth, which is very convenient to use.
Third, reuse, which is its biggest highlight. The sealable mylar bags can still be re sealed after use, such as snacks. If you can’t finish eating, you just need to close the packaging bag to prevent the food from being affected by moisture.
Sealable mylar bags shows good shelf effect, which is one of the reasons why we like this kind of packaging, and also one of the reasons why the market likes it, so more and more products begin to use self sealing packaging.

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