The selection of plastic stand up pouch needs to pay attention to these 8 points

Food packaging bags are closely related to our life. With the rapid development of society, the demand for food plastic stand up pouch is increasing, and the types are also increasing. What problems should we pay attention to when we choose food packaging bags?
The outer package of food plastic stand up pouch shall be marked with Chinese mark, including factory name, factory address, product name, and words for food. All products are attached with product inspection certificate after leaving the factory.
The plastic stand up pouch for food shall not be used for food packaging if it has no peculiar smell or special smell.
Colored plastic bags (dark red or black used in the market at present) can not be used for food packaging. Because this kind of plastic stand up pouch is usually made of recycled plastic.
Try to choose materials without coating or coating. In modern packaging design, in order to make the packaging more beautiful and corrosion-resistant, many coated materials are used. This not only brings difficulties to the material recycling and reuse after the product is discarded, most of the coatings themselves are toxic, and people eat these packaged foods have great harm to people’s body.

The selection of plastic stand up pouch needs to pay attention to these 8 points 2

In addition, the coating and coating process also bring great pollution to the environment. For example, toxic solvent gas is volatilized from coatings, and waste liquid and residue containing heavy metals such as chromium are produced during electroplating. Therefore, please try not to choose coating, coating packaging materials.
Food plastic stand up pouch is not easy to decompose, which will cause environmental pollution. It is best to choose green packaging materials when buying food. Paper is the most widely used green packaging material at present. Therefore, in the purchase of food, it is best to choose base paper packaging, biodegradable plastics.
Material Science
The choice of packaging materials depends on the nature of the product itself. For example, high barrier materials are needed to package moon cakes, and PE in oil is needed to package oily food. There are many composite structural materials in packaging materials, which are selected according to the functional characteristics of the product, which is the most important point of customizing food plastic stand up pouch. Only by choosing the right materials can the shelf life of food be effectively extended.
There are many designs that can be designed for food packaging bags, and there are new designs every day. In terms of appearance, the common food packaging bags mainly include flat bags, edge sealing bags, upright bags, zipper bags, fork ear bags, sling bags, waist hole bags, vest bags, self-adhesive bags, suction mouth bags, special-shaped bags, etc. How to choose the design of the packaging bag has the most direct relationship with the nature of the product and the use habits of customers.
If your product has a unique symbol and charm, you need to design a unique printed image for your packaging bag. Exquisite printing patterns can attract customers’ attention, increase customers’ purchase expectations, and better highlight the brand image. As for how to design beautiful printing patterns, it requires your design team to have enough strength.

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