The best 3 kraft paper pouch suppliers in China

The No.1 China kraft paper pouch supplier is ZhongXin Packaging Co., Ltd

As China kraft paper pouch supplier, ZhongXin Packaging Co., Ltd, based in Jiangsu Province, has been providing effective packaging solutions to countries all around the world for more than 10 years.
As China kraft paper pouch supplier, we manufacture packaging materials of esteem and durable standards; we are known for carrying out the rotogravure method in our all printing processes.
All packaging material produced at pouch direct is produced with adapting the attitude of protecting the environment, thus producing biodegradable bags.
We believe in offering excellent services and building long-lasting relationships.
Packaging material produced at pouch direct is product safe and can be used to package commodities of various forms, ranging from; coffee beans, powders and so on.
We ensure that packaging is flexible, thus strengthening the ease of distribution.
We provide pouches and rolls that are cost-effective, making the production of packaging feasible for even start-up businesses.
Flexible packaging options available for production include; Stand Up Pouches/Coffee bags/Quad seals/Side Gusset Bags/Stock Vacuum bags/Pillow Pouches/Flat Bottom bags/Twist wrap roll /Spout Pouches.

kraft paper pouch
The best 3 kraft paper pouch suppliers in China 2

The No.2 China kraft paper pouch supplier is Shuangfan

As China kraft paper pouch supplier, Shuangfan company produces all kinds of portable paper bags, kraft paper bags, cartons, packaging gift boxes, PVC boxes, PVC bags, non-woven fabrics and other printing products
It can flexibly master the links from product design, production to final sales service, and has good cooperation with many manufacturers.
After years of development and efforts, it enjoys a good reputation in the industry with excellent technology and a wide range of customers.
From producing and processing various styles of desk calendars, packaging bags, shopping bags, clothing tags and other products to providing customers with a series of business suits, Jitong, combined with the characteristics of domestic production enterprises, directly faces raw material manufacturers, and strives to reduce intermediate links, reduce production costs and provide customers with more high-quality and low-cost products.
Free computer planning and design for customers, high, fine and sharp technical force and high-level management concept: maintain advantages in peers in terms of price, quality and service, so as to win the trust of customers.

The No.3 China kraft paper pouch supplier is Lanyun

As China kraft paper pouch supplier, Lanyun company focuses on the production, processing, manufacturing and R & D of multi-layer kraft paper bags, paper plastic composite bags, woven bags, PE lined bags, FFS bags and ton bags used in food packaging and industrial packaging.
The company introduces advanced production technology and equipment at home and abroad, specializing in the packaging types of valve bags, open bags, seam bottom bags and square bottom bags.
It is a food raw material industry and chemical industry, It is an ideal partner in cement and building materials industry and an expert in the overall solution of bag packaging.
As an enterprise above Designated Size, Lanyun company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.
Over the years, with strong technical strength, high-quality and mature products and perfect service system, Lanyun company has achieved rapid development.
So far, our packaging bags have been widely used in 21 provinces, cities, autonomous counties and regions in China.
At the same time, we will also rely on our own technical and financial strength to actively carry out “production, learning and research” cooperation in scientific research projects with our peers at home and abroad, universities and research institutes.

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