Talk about the advantages of kraft paper bag

Looking at the current market, with the multifaceted start of environmental protection policies, the market of kraft paper bags has been completely opened.
Kraft paper bags are more and more widely used. What advantages do they have compared with plastic bags?
Today, maihe packaging will take you to understand the advantages of kraft paper bags.

Advantage 1 of kraft paper bag: Economy

Many consumers may have such a misunderstanding: kraft paper bags look a little taller, the price must be more expensive than plastic bags, so they are reluctant to use them.
In fact, compared with plastic bags, kraft paper bags are more economical and cheaper. Why?
Because plastic bags can only be used once, the number of times of use is extremely limited, while kraft paper bags can be used repeatedly, and portable paper bags are easier to print patterns and more vivid color expression.
In this way, the portable paper bag is more economical, and its publicity and promotion effect is more obvious.

kraft paper bag
Talk about the advantages of kraft paper bag 2

Advantage 2 of kraft paper bag: firmness

As we all know, the general traditional plastic shopping bag is easy to be damaged, and if you want to make it stronger, you must increase its production cost.
The portable paper bag solves this problem well. Because of its strong toughness, wear resistance and more firmness and durability, the more high-grade portable paper bag not only has firmness and durability, but also has the characteristics of waterproof, good hand feeling and beautiful appearance.
Although the price is more expensive than traditional plastic bags, its function value is much higher than plastic bags.

Advantage 3 of kraft paper bag: Advertising

It has the function of advertising and is also a major feature of non-woven shopping bags.
The printing color of kraft paper bags is more distinctive, the theme expressed is clearer, and it is firm and durable.
It is simply a “mobile advertising bag”. Its publicity effect for enterprises is much larger than that of traditional plastic bags.
The high-grade kraft paper bags highlight the atmosphere of the company.

advantage 4 of Portable paper bag : environmental protection

The portable paper bag has the advantages of high toughness, wear resistance and durability, environmental protection, no damage to the environment, and greatly reduces the pressure of human domestic waste transformation.
With the strengthening of modern people’s awareness of environmental protection, the use of kraft paper bags is only increasing. It is a good choice for people to shop.

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