3 Side Seal Pouch


3 side seal pouches named because of the pouch are sealed at three sides and keep one side open, it is just a simple flat pouch with easy tearing and can be added with handle hold or zipper at one side. If you seal all four sides and keep on side a little gap open we can also call it 4 side seal pouch.
3 side seal pouch has been developed to meet the needs of consumers based on its positive attributes that are discussed above. Although metal cans and glass jars are still in use today, 3 side seal pouches are quickly becoming a good packaging solution to many.A 3side seal pouch comes with other names such as flat or pillow pouch. This pouch is actually sealed from the 3 sides and one side kept open. The pouch is heat-sealed once the product is filled in.
3 side seal pouch is a flexible-laminated package that withstands thermal processing. Our pouches also offer shelf stability associated with metal cans, while at the same time having the added advantage of the nutrient value allied to the packaging of frozen food.

Service Markets

Coffee pouch, pet food, cocoa, cookies, powder mixes, snack mixes, granulated products, nuts, loose-leaf teas, and various other packaging applications.

3 Side Seal Pouch

As a quality flexible packaging manufacturer located in China, we specialize in offering a wide variety of flexible packaging solutions with diversified custom capabilities and featured stock inventory available to meet the needs of worldwide customers from various industries such as health foods, general foods (snacks, coffee, tea, cookies, candies, nuts, etc.), pet foods, electronics, chemical (laundry detergent, cosmetics, etc.) and agriculture (fruits, vegetables, etc.). We supply a full line of pouch styles including the stand up pouch, flat pouch, side gusseted pouch, flat bottom pouch (box pouch) and roll stocks with featured products of paper kraft pouch, spout pouch, poly foil pouch, etc. available for your choice. Our sophisticated printing capabilities backed up with FDA approved food-grade materials will allow your graphics to appear exceptionally vibrant and your food packaging bags trust-worthily safe. Contact us today. Our team will work one-on-one with you to ensure your pre-formed pouches are fully customized for your packaging needs.

Customize Option



Per customer’s packaging needs. Using materials such as clear poly, metalized films, foil laminations and kraft paper. All pouches are made of food grade solvent free packaging materials.


Per customer’s packaging needs


Side gusseted pouch

Quad seal gusseted pouch

Seals Styles

Center seal

Side seal

Concealed seal

K bottom seal

Re-sealable Features

Press-to-close zippers: Economical and commonly used

Tin Ties: Available in Plastic and Kraft

Additional Features

Degassing Valves

Side gusseted bags are more limited to custom add-ons


Glossy printing

Matte finish printing

Glossy printing with spot matte finishes

Gravure printing allowing for 1-10 colors as per customer’s design and requirements. Using food-grade inks which comply with Japan, EU and US requirements.


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