Precautions for using medical device packaging

In our daily life, large and small places will use some packaging products. There are many kinds of packaging products. We use medical device packaging and paper plastic bags more often. We are familiar with these two kinds of packaging products. But what should we pay attention to when using them?
When using the medical device packaging, if a single instrument is packaged, the paper plastic packaging material with appropriate size should be selected; Sharp tools should be wrapped with small pieces of yarn and then put into paper plastic packaging to prevent the medical device packaging from being punctured during storage and transportation. When packaging instruments, the remaining space at one end of the seal is slightly larger, and the distance between the items and the seal is 3-5 cm, which is convenient to prevent wrinkles of medical device packaging when sealing. When the sterilized articles are put on the pot, they should be placed in a stainless steel basket, standing on the side. If the plastic is placed horizontally, the moisture may be retained on the plastic surface; There is no direct contact between the plastic surface and the plastic surface.

Precautions for using medical device packaging 2

The sealing machine with temperature of 150-180 ℃ was selected, the temperature was adjusted at 180 ℃, the width of plastic sealing strip was 2 cm, and double sealing was adopted to ensure the sealing tightness and anti tension. When taking and placing, hold the paper layer flat with your hand. Do not squeeze when checking the package. If there is resistance or no damage, it is forbidden to put the package upside down or drag it with your hand to prevent one side of the paper from being broken. When using, use the medical device packaging inspection method. After sterilization, pay attention to check the discoloration of the color code and the sealing of the bag, and pay attention to the moisture-proof of the paper layer and the puncturing of sharp tools.
Pay attention to check whether there is any damage when using. If there is any damage, it is strictly forbidden to use. Medical device packaging is the choice of many food and other things, but when we use it, there are still many problems we need to pay attention to. The above introduction mentioned some for you, hoping to help you.

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