In the future market, kraft paper bags will be more widely used than plastic bags

Nowadays, there are two main types of packaging in the market: plastic bags and paper bags. Needless to say, plastic bags are very common in life. Kraft paper bag supplier said that the types of paper packaging bags are slightly smaller, but they are usually distinguished according to their uses. Our common packaging paper is usually made of white cardboard or kraft paper. And kraft paper packaging bag is the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective paper packaging bag.
Kraft paper bag supplier said that from the perspective of production cost, kraft paper bags cost more than plastic bags, but kraft paper as an environmentally friendly material has no harm to the environment, and kraft paper bags can be recycled. The other is waterproof performance. Although kraft paper bag is much more waterproof than other paper packaging, it is still worse than plastic packaging. But kraft paper bag is much better than plastic packaging in terms of health and safety. After all, plastic is a kind of chemical synthesis, far less than kraft paper made of pulp.

kraft paper bags
In the future market, kraft paper bags will be more widely used than plastic bags 2

Features of kraft paper bag:
1. Kraft paper bag supplier said that kraft paper bag is environmental friendly and hygienic. Packaging is to put the product into a specific container to isolate the product from the outside bacteria or toxic substances. It can reduce the secondary pollution of the product. Kraft paper bags are fast degradable, and are favored by the majority of consumers in the market.
2. Kraft paper bags protect products. This is the most basic and important point of a package. If a package only pursues beauty and ignores its protection, the result can be imagined. Kraft paper packaging bag has high compressive strength, which can effectively reduce the damage and influence of external factors on the product.
3. Kraft paper bag is convenient for storage and transportation. Packaging can help manufacturers and logistics departments handling, storage, storage, display and sales. At the same time, it is also convenient for consumers to carry.
4. Kraft paper bags enhance value. Packaging is the continuation of the product. Kraft paper packaging bag has strong uniqueness, which can attract customers’ attention and stimulate consumers’ desire to buy. Consumers can feel the brand and corporate image more intuitively from the product packaging. 

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