How to sterilize and seal in custom printed mylar bags

According to the experience of custom printed mylar bags manufacturer, custom printed mylar bags mostly needs to be packaged after sterilization, and the processing and sterilization process of cooking vacuum bagged food includes food raw materials, processing, bagging, hot-melt sealing, inspection, heating sterilization and dry packaging.
Among them, the three processes of bagging, sealing and sterilization are most closely related to the cooking bag itself.
First of all, the bagging amount should match the capacity of the custom printed mylar bags. Most of the bagging amount is easy to cause pollution during sealing.
Do not load large pieces or contents with bones, otherwise it will affect the sealing, and even pierce the composite film to cause leakage and lead to food corruption.
Secondly, a certain vacuum degree shall be maintained during bagging to prevent oxidation, browning and flavor variation of the food in the bag.
Thirdly, prevent sealing pollution when bagging. If juice and water droplets are attached to the sealing part, steam pressure will be generated in the inner layer of the sealing part during heat sealing.
When the pressure at the sealing part is eliminated, bubbles will be generated instantly to expand the sealing part, resulting in sealing of the sealing part.
In addition, if grease and fiber are attached to the sealing part, the part area cannot be sealed. Secondary pollution, leakage and corruption are caused during pressurized sterilization and pressurized cooling.
To prevent pollution at the mouth of the bag, first, control the amount of bag, at least 3 ~ 4cm away from the mouth of the bag.
Second, the filling device is suitable for product characteristics; Third, when filling, use wing protective sheet to insert into the bag to prevent pollution; Fourth, the bag should be fully opened; Fifth, the bag can be positioned.
Hot melt sealing is generally adopted: the heating temperature is 180 ~ 220 ℃, the pressure is 30n / cm The time is 1s and cooled under pressure. During hot melt sealing, wrinkles shall be prevented.
First, the bag mouth shall be flat; Second, both sides of the sealing knife shall be flat and parallel; Third, the contents should be limited.
Heating sterilization
The microbial spoilage type of custom printed mylar bags is the same as that of other foods. The heating sterilization process is appropriately modified according to the characteristics of cooked vacuum bag.
High temperature sterilization process
The high temperature sterilization process of custom printed mylar bags pressure heating can be divided into intermittent and continuous.
The heat medium can be saturated steam, steam air mixture or hot water.
Because the mechanical strength and sealing strength of custom printed mylar bags material are low, the sterilization equipment must adopt back pressure sterilization.
For the cooking bag, the constant pressure back pressure mode is mainly adopted. This back pressure control mode starts to feed compressed air at the sterilization and heating stage.

custom printed mylar bags
How to sterilize and seal in custom printed mylar bags 2

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