How to custom mylar bags? Let customers be your live advertising

2021 has entered the second half of the year. Before the end of the year, many enterprises begin to give some small gifts to thank customers. It is essential to use handbags. If your users are young, custom mylar bags are the best choice.
First, custom mylar bags can improve the grade. Second, the cost is lower than that of a cloth bag. A canvas bag costs 4-6 yuan, but the minimum cost of a paper bag is less than one yuan. The general design is simple and beautiful, and can be used repeatedly.
Custom mylar bags are generally divided into two materials: one is white cardboard, which is relatively strong and thick. It is suitable for enterprise publicity, clothing and shoes. Choose 280g; Second, custom mylar bags has a strong sense of literature and art.
It is suitable for holding jewelry, food or light clothes. The price of custom mylar bags will be lower than that of white card paper bag. You can choose according to your own needs.
Making bags is very simple. It is difficult for customers to retain, use and remember themselves, so that customers can become our billboards.
This not only requires the custom mylar bags to pass the quality and withstand long-term use, but also requires that the design not only be beautiful for customers to like to use, but also reflect their own brand. These two films are also the most important to know – Design and production.

mylar bags
How to custom mylar bags? Let customers be your live advertising 2

First of all, we should clarify the purpose. The purpose of distributing handbags is to care for old customers or attract new customers for marketing, which determines the difference between paper bag printing content. The display of copywriting and pictures of caring for old customers is more biased towards the display of brand strength and thank-you words, while attracting new customers should show who we are, what we do and activities.
Secondly, the design of custom mylar bags must be exquisite, good-looking and attractive, or gentle and lovely, funny and trendy, simple and fashionable. Only when they are good-looking, customers will take them out when they need them next time and become mobile billboards. The requirements for designers are relatively high. They should not only be beautiful, but also skillfully integrate the points they want to publicize. This is not what ordinary designers can do. The back production also needs to design the bleeding position and bonding gap. We must find a professional business designer.
Moreover, for the selection of materials, the common white cardboard and custom mylar bags mentioned above are more economical and applicable, but we must proofing before producing large goods, really get the product in hand, and personally experience its quality and touch.
Finally, the third decision is to find a qualified manufacturer and try to choose the manufacturer for direct sales. The middleman will earn the intermediate price difference, and problems will also affect the timeliness. There are many merchants in the world who are known as the source manufacturers. Good and bad people are mixed. We must polish our eyes.

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