How to choose the appropriate sealable mylar bags for different types of products?

What kind of vacuum bag is better for zongzi, duck neck, nuts and other products? Because different products have different requirements for packaging materials, material selection should be made according to product characteristics, including whether it is easy to deteriorate, factors leading to deterioration (light, water or oxygen), product form, product surface hardness, storage conditions, sterilization temperature, etc. A good sealable mylar bags does not have to have many functions, but depends on whether it is suitable for the product.
Products with regular shape or soft surface: for products with regular shape or soft surface, such as sausage products, bean products, etc., it is not necessary to require high mechanical strength of the material, but only to consider the barrier of the material and the impact of sterilization temperature on the material.
Therefore, for such products, sealable mylar bags are generally used. If high temperature sterilization (above 100 ° C) is required, OPA / CPP structure can be used, or high temperature resistant PE can be used as the heat seal layer.

How to choose the appropriate sealable mylar bags for different types of products? 2

Products with high surface hardness: for products such as meat products with bone, due to high surface hardness and hard protrusions, it is easy to puncture the packaging bag during vacuum pumping and transportation.
 Therefore, the sealable mylar bags of such products needs to have good puncture resistance and cushioning performance. The vacuum bag made of PET / pavpe or OPET / OPA / CPP can be selected. If the product weight is less than 500g, you can try to use OPA / opaipe packaging bag. This bag has good product adaptability, better vacuum pumping effect, and will not change the shape of the product.
Perishable products: low temperature meat products and other products that are easy to deteriorate and need low-temperature sterilization do not have high requirements for the strength of sealable mylar bags, but they are required to have better barrier.
Therefore, pure coextrusion film, such as film with paipe / EVOH / PA / PE structure, dry compound type, such as pavpe film, and K coating material can be selected. High temperature products can use PVDC shrink bags or dry compound bags. The above is about how to select the material of sealable mylar bags for different products. I hope it can help you.

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