Do you know the best three Chinese kraft paper pouch

No.1 kraft paper pouch is ZhongXin Packaging Co., Ltd
As kraft paper pouch, ZhongXin Packaging Co., Ltd, based in Jiangsu Province, has been providing effective packaging solutions to countries all around the world for more than 10 years.
As kraft paper pouch, We manufacture packaging materials of esteem and durable standards; we are known for carrying out the rotogravure method in our all printing processes.
All packaging material produced at pouch direct is produced with adapting the attitude of protecting the environment, thus producing biodegradable bags.
As kraft paper pouch, We believe in offering excellent services and building long-lasting relationships. Packaging material produced at pouch direct is product safe and can be used to package commodities of various forms, ranging from; coffee beans, powders and so on.
As kraft paper pouch, We ensure that packaging is flexible, thus strengthening the ease of distribution.
We provide pouches and rolls that are cost-effective, making the production of packaging feasible for even start-up businesses.
No.2 kraft paper pouch is Platinum packaging company
As kraft paper pouch, Platinum packaging company is a production-oriented enterprise specializing in plastic flexible packaging (R & D, printing, compounding, slitting, bag making and R & D of new plastic materials).
As kraft paper pouch, The company is a manufacturer of plastic flexible packaging materials and flexible packaging solutions with many years of experience.
Its main products include: plastic composite packaging bags, color printing packaging bags, food packaging bags, vacuum packaging bags, cooking bags, low-temperature freezing bags, cat sand bags, food and medical automatic packaging films; Transfer film, warning tape, flag tape, bird repellent tape, air conditioning tie, etc.
Food packaging bag is a kind of packaging design. In order to keep fresh and store food in life, product packaging bag is produced.
Food packaging bag refers to the film container directly in contact with food and used to contain and protect food.
According to the scope of application, food packaging bags can be divided into ordinary food packaging bags, vacuum food packaging bags, inflatable food packaging bags, boiled food packaging bags, boiled food packaging bags and functional food packaging bags.
No.3 kraft paper pouch is Xinjinli company
As kraft paper pouch, Xinjinli company provides one-stop service by combining PVC hot pressing bags and all sewing bags. The company was founded in 1998. It is a private enterprise integrating design, printing, production and sales, and combining domestic sales with foreign trade. PVC products, PVC bags, PVC hot pressing bags, PVC document bags, PVC pen bags, PVC underwear bags, PVC shopping bags, PVC environmental protection bags, PVC stationery bags, PVC handbags, PVC packaging bags, PVC sewing bags, PVC gift bags, PVC cosmetic bags, PVC book covers, PVC printing bags, PVC plastic bags, PVC tags, PVC pendant, PVC wine bags, sewing bags, printing and packaging, non-woven bags, etc.

kraft paper pouch
Do you know the best three Chinese kraft paper pouch 2

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