Development trend of shaped pouch

At present, shaped pouch has been widely used in candy, biscuit, pet feed, coffee and other light solid packaging fields at home and abroad, and gradually promoted in rice, daily necessities and other packaging fields. Shaped pouch adds color to the rich and colorful packaging world, with clear and distinct patterns standing on the shelves, reflecting the excellent brand image, It is easier to attract consumers’ attention.

Development trend of shaped pouch 2

The good market prospect and demand of shaped pouch also drive the enthusiasm of relevant equipment manufacturers. With the gradual popularization of octagonal flat bottom bags, the market has higher and higher requirements for the production of octagonal flat bottom bags. In addition to stable bottom angle forming and reliable heat sealing quality, there are also requirements for the improvement of production speed and efficiency.
Because a shaped pouch making machine has main material, organ material and bottom material for feeding at the same time, the material is more frequent. After debugging, the waste material is wasted after debugging. Therefore, the development of the eight side flat bottom bag making machine with non refueling and quick refueling device can ensure stable production.

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