Color and raw material control of kraft paper pouch

Kraft paper pouch refers to the bag used to pack various articles, which is widely used in daily life and industrial production. The product nature of packaging itself is becoming more and more obvious. It has become a special product that no longer depends on product production. All products are inseparable and widely used.
National scientists have developed an environment-friendly plastic bag made of electrolyte, which can not only divide innocuously, but also dissolve in water. According to the explanation of scientists, the products made of polymer plastic materials commonly used in life take hundreds of years to fully differentiate, and exist on the earth for hundreds of years.
This new environmentally friendly plastic bag will not release harmful substances in the differentiation process, and can even differentiate into natural substances loved by insects, which is very helpful to maintain the natural environment.
According to the production process, it is often divided into plastic packaging bags and composite packaging bags. Classification by production materials: high pressure polyethylene plastic bags, low pressure polyethylene plastic bags, polypropylene plastic bags, PVC plastic bags, etc.
Classified by shape: vest bag, straight bag, three-dimensional bag and square bottom bag. Sealing bag, rubber strip bag, special-shaped bag, etc. Plastic packaging bags include plastic woven bags and plastic film bags. The former has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. After joining the plastic film lining, it can be moisture-proof.

kraft paper pouch
Color and raw material control of kraft paper pouch 2

Kraft paper pouch is non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free. It meets the national environmental protection standards. It has high strength and strong environmental protection. It is one of the most popular environmental protection packaging materials in the world.
Kraft paper pouch is based on imported Canadian white kraft paper or imported Russian yellow kraft paper or other domestic paper. A layer of film can be coated on the paper with PP material to play a waterproof role.
The strength of the bag can be made into three layers / four layers / five layers according to the requirements of customers. Printing and bag making are integrated, and heat sealing or paper sealing are processed by sewing machine.
With the enhancement of people’s awareness of green environmental protection, more and more people realize the importance of kraft paper pouch. Therefore, the prospect of kraft paper bag is very bright. Using kraft paper pouch instead of plastic bags is also the general trend!
Moreover, with the progress of society, more and more young entrepreneurs enter the traditional snack industry, resulting in a surge in demand for kraft paper pouch, which makes kraft paper pouch have great business prospects, simple production process, simple mechanical demand and low entry rate, which greatly improves the supply and demand market of this industry.
It is believed that kraft paper pouch will occupy an extremely important position in the packaging industry in the near future, and the development prospect is extremely optimistic.
The color of kraft paper can usually be divided into kraft paper and white kraft paper. A lot of kraft paper is usually used in packaging, as well as some handbags, handbags and so on. We used envelopes. Envelopes are usually yellow. Of course, there are many white envelopes, that is, envelopes can be made of white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper.
Of course, white kraft paper is usually used for printing. After printing, you can add gorgeous appearance, or add points to the whole product to make it more beautiful. Of course, white kraft paper can also be used as the handbag, handbag and envelope we just mentioned. In fact, a lot of kraft paper in the market is either yellow kraft paper or white kraft paper.
Of course, the color of kraft paper must be not only these two colors, but also red and black. We usually call it black card and many very gorgeous colors. We all call it color card. Therefore, as long as you need kraft paper of different colors, you can make it.
The question about kraft paper raw materials is also very simple.
Here, we will first talk about two categories. Many customers will ask what is the raw material of kraft paper before asking for kraft paper.
In fact, we just reply that customers have recycled pulp and whole wood pulp. Of course, this is selected according to the customer’s own needs. If the customer needs more advanced kraft paper, we can let him try kraft paper made of all wood pulp.
Kraft paper made of whole wood pulp has better quality than kraft paper made of recycled pulp, and its burst resistance and lubricity are obviously different. Therefore, this is why kraft paper made of whole wood pulp is more expensive than kraft paper made of recycled pulp.
As for some customers who want kraft paper with poor quality and low demand, we will first introduce the kraft paper made of recycled pulp to customers, which can be more suitable for these people.

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