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Functions and precautions of coffee bag packaging film

With the continuous development of packaging industry, coffee bag packaging film has become an important protective film for food storage and packaging. Although the development of food film is restricted due to the weak technological innovation ability and slow

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Advantages of medical device packaging

The transparent film of medical device packaging materials is formed by multilayer composite membrane, so it has good bacteria resistance and long time for storage. The sealing pressure sealing machine at 150-180 ℃ and the internal sealing

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4 key points of food stand up bags

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to food safety and health. As an important means to ensure food safety and health, food stand up bags has been paid more and more

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Internal and external performance of food gusset bag

From the perspective of packaging performance, food gusset bag requirements can be divided into two parts: internal and external:1. Internal requirements: the internal requirements of food gusset bag refer to the technical requirements to ensure the quality

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Some knowledge points of packaging gusset bag

What is a gusset bag? Gusset bag have been popular packaging materials since they appeared. In daily life, plastic bag with gusset of various specifications and colors can be seen almost everywhere. Gusset bag have become indispensable packaging items

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