Basic knowledge of custom printed mylar bags

Now many customers don’t know the details of the bags they want to make. Everything is about. Let’s make a quotation. We really can’t make a quotation, so let me introduce the basic knowledge of custom printed mylar bags.
Quantity of custom printed mylar bags
Different standards of packing bags require different starting quantities. Some customers require quoting the price first and then determine the quantity, which will make us very difficult. Because the plate making cost and debugging machine cost for producing 1000 bags and 10000 bags are the same, so the price is higher if we order less, If you order more, the price is relatively cheap.
Custom printed mylar bags information
Packing bag information includes new materials, recycled materials and filling materials. The quality of packing bags produced by different materials varies a lot, so the price is also very different.

Basic knowledge of custom printed mylar bags 2

Packing bag standard: the custom printed mylar bags standard is divided into four data: length, width, measured width and thickness. The price caused by each item is different, so the customer can’t ask us for quotation in approximate. The price quoted in this way is inaccurate, especially the thickness.
Generally, the customer’s concept of thickness is poor, which is similar to that custom printed mylar bags, This is not accurate. You should know that the thickness distance has a great impact on the cost of the packaging bag, so you don’t know how to tell us the purpose and weighing requirements of the custom printed mylar bags. We can give you some suggestions.
Packaging bag printing
Packaging bag printing is generally single-sided monochrome, single-sided two-color, double-sided monochrome and double-sided two-color. One plate needs to be made for monochrome, two plates for two-color, and the prices of some special colors such as gold and silver are also higher.
Packing bag style
There are many kinds of custom printed mylar bags. The production difficulty, process and efficiency are different, so the price is also different. For example, self sealing bags, zipper bags and handbags are relatively simple.

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