Advantages, production and identification of vacuum aluminum foil bag

The effect of vacuum aluminum foil bag
The aluminum foil bag has good air resistance and is not easy to be oxidized and damped. High cold resistance (- 50 ℃ – mdash; C-121 ℃), good oil resistance and aroma retention. It has good heat sealing property, softness and high barrier property.
Function of tin foil bag: when vacuuming, oxygen and air are discharged together. Oxygen cannot enter into the package, and oxygen is isolated. Cosmetics, facial mask, herbs, medicines, solutions, food, PC boards, IC integrated circuits, CD-ROM, hard disk, LCD electronic components, welding materials, electronic products, circuit boards, etc. It’s anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference, not affected by moisture, anti-oxidation, puncture resistance; The inner lining is made of ethylene material, and the seal is firm, so it is not easy to peel off.
The key link in the production process of vacuum aluminum foil bag
Input operation of raw material quality
As an important input of product quality, the quality of raw materials of vacuum aluminum foil bag is directly related to the quality of production and processing technology. For example, the quality of packaging and printing ink, the surface wettability of BOPP plastic film, the friction resistance and surface wettability of aluminum film used to test the quality of adhesive and solvent in composite process.

Advantages, production and identification of vacuum aluminum foil bag 2

Management in manufacturing process
According to the important quality characteristics, the important process of vacuum aluminum foil bag was optimized to improve the product quality. The specific control measures are to check, correct and maintain the instruments on time. Before packaging and printing, unfold the sample and record the main process parameters in the printing process.
Production records should be made during production
The preparation of the adhesive in the drying sample, the number of mesh screen, the temperature of three-stage curing furnace and the preparation of the adhesive in the drying sample were recorded. Record the working pressure and tensile strength of the compound roller and the roller.
Process management chart is used to deal with the important characteristics of quality.

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