Advantages of medical device packaging

The transparent film of medical device packaging material is formed by multi-layer composite film, so it has good effect of preventing bacteria, long storage time, and careful sealing within the sealing pressure sealing machine at 150 ~ 180 ℃ and retention time; The pyrogen monitoring, bacterial cultivation monitoring, chemical indicator card monitoring, etc. of all kinds of sterilized articles are up to standard.

Advantages of medical device packaging 2

The penetrability of medical device packaging can make the sterilized gas penetrate safely and discharge the cold atmosphere in the bag at the same time, so as to achieve complete sterilization results; Drainage: the weight of medical device packaging material is 56 ~ 70 g per square meter, and the drainage of paper will not constitute the formation of condensate after steam sterilization; In the sterilization process of high temperature, dry and cold, the paper has good toughness and will not break.
The medical device packaging is printed with two kinds of chemical discoloration indication points of pressure steam and ethylene oxide (equivalent to the contagion of the chemical indication tape outside the bag). Whether the article can be sterilized can be distinguished from the diagrams of different colors on the appearance. It is easy to manage. The title, sterilization date, validity period, operator’s name and verifier’s name of the bag can be directly written on paper, which eliminates the trouble of pasting chemical instruction tape and various labels.
An ideal medical device packaging has the characteristics of isolation efficiency: it can prevent microbial penetration, maintain the sterilization effect of the surgical bag, and prevent the penetration of liquid.

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