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Custom Stand Up Pouch

Stand up pouches are what makes products stand on a shelf or table while filling with products inside.

Aluminum Foil Bag
Aluminum Foil Bag

Aluminum foil bags must be the most common bags use for high barrier products packaging.

Kraft Paper Pouch
Kraft Paper Pouch

We can produce customized printed kraft paper bag, small kraft paper bag and kraft paper bag with window.

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3 Side Seal Pouch

It is a simple flat pouch with easy tearing and can be added with handle hold or zipper at one side.

Flat Bottom Pouches

Flat bottom pouches are regarded as one of the mist stable packaging bags used today and easy to store.

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Fin Seal Pouch

Fin seal pouch is a pouch with a back and bottom seal. Normally used for packing fried snack foods.

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Shaped Pouch

Shaped pouch is named by its shape, they have irregular shapes compared to the normal pouches.

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Spout Pouch

Spout pouches are flexible packaging products, mainly used for packaging liquid products.

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Side Gusset Pouches

Side gusset pouches are commonly used for food packaging, storing hardware items, soil, crafts, etc.

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Mylar Bags

Malar is a film made of stretched PET polymer, and Mylar bags ensure that outside air does not enter and damage the contents.

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Flexible Packaging Film

Flexible packaging films are bags or pouches designed for packaging goods, and they can be flexibly formed into any type of shape.

Stand Up Pouch
Other Packaging Pouch

Bags and pouches have come a long way in recent decades, and their main purpose is to transport and store products.

Premium Oral Care Manufacturer

We know you have choices, and we value the trust you place in us. ZXPAC is a professional packaging pouch manufacturer in the custom packaging business for more than 10 years. Certified with ISO, SGS and more, we continually research and evaluate the latest technology and packaging design in packaging pouch industry.

Owning our factory, we invest a lot in machines and workshops to boost our capability​. Our capabilities in production guarantee the safety and satisfying results of your OEM/ODM products. About Us→

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Rocket Your Business with a Certified Factory

Our packaging pouch experts have put together thousands of successful packaging pouch case for businesses looking to lower your OEM/ODM cost, and improve your product quality. Request a free quotation from us, and get a plan for your packaging design.

Why Countless Brands Choose Us

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Premium Private Label

With 10 years of experience in manufacturing bags for a variety of different customers, we serve businesses or groups of all sizes.


Packaing Pouch R&D

We put all our expertise to work to achieve your ideal packaging pouch, including appearance, additional features (such as windows and zipper, etc.), practicality, etc.

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Free Pouch Samples

No risk before bulk order. We’re happy to send carefully curated packaging pouch samples to bring your idea to life. It’s all free.

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Customized Packaing Design

A product without a beautiful packaging design is usually not very popular, but a product with a good pouch design can push your business to new heights and attract more users. Our bag designers work with you to define the tone of your packaging and make your product packaging beautiful & functional with our comprehensive design services.

Contract Manufacturing

Your packaging pouch manufacturing is unique, and you need a factory that can help lower your cost in manufacturing. By focusing on the latest production techniques while maintaining a keen eye for quality and appearance design, ZXPAC manufacturing team lays the strong groundwork for your products’ packaging.

Private Label Services

Rapid branding and private labeling is a must for any company focused on rapid growth. Our team of design experts can create and execute a product pouch program that will help get your product to market and results in the fastest way possible.

Custom Product Packaging

The right packaging can be the secret sauce to a business’s success. By focusing on packaging design from the starting line, our in-house designers craft logo displays, packaging demo. Experience results from ZXPAC that have a tangible impact on the bottom line.

How ZXPAC Factory Creates Your Packaging Pouch

Ready to Win Your Product Packaing? Work with ZXPAC with Better Prices & Quality

Take the next step in working with a new packaging pouch manufacturer for better quality. Connect with one of our expert to learn how ZXPAC can help you reach your ideal packaging pouch.

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Kraft Paper Pouch

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